Icarus is a novel genome visualizer for accurate assessment and analysis of genomic draft assemblies, which is based on QUAST genome quality assessment tool. Icarus consists of two major contig viewers:
You can try Icarus online at http://quast.bioinf.spbau.ru/ -- upload your assemblies, get regular QUAST report and press the Icarus: contig browser link.
Icarus is distributed as a command-line tool within QUAST package since version 4.0.

Download QUAST

Icarus specific section in the Manual: output description


Alla Mikheenko, Gleb Valin, Andrey Prjibelski, Vladislav Saveliev, Alexey Gurevich,
Icarus: visualizer for de novo assembly evaluation,
Bioinformatics (2016) 32 (21): 3321-3323. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw379
First published online: July 4, 2016


Examples of Icarus output on 3 datasets generated with QUAST v4.2

S.aureus dataset, reference-based evaluation, contig alignment viewer: 
CAMI simulated toy metagenomic dataset, reference-based evaluation, main menu:
B.impatiens dataset, evaluation without reference, contig size viewer:

Please help us to make Icarus better by sending your comments, bug reports, and suggestions to quast.support@cab.spbu.ru